Inspiring Change with Telford and Wrekin

Greetings and cheerio to Telford and Wrekin Council (well, for 2018 at least), as the Inspiring Change sessions draw to a close until 2019. I had two great days with some truly awesome people. Feedback was 100% positive with the oft banded ‘inspirational’ winging my way, I do love that word!

Next year we continue with the sessions and also start the ‘Trapped and Drowning in My Things’ Compulsive Hoarding sessions. The group were really interested in the upcoming learning opportunity, especially as I currently work directly with customers who are hoarding. It's lovely to know that learners have already besieged Mel and Marie with requests to attend - always a good sign.

Here is a smattering of the learner feedback:

“Really engaging training and definitely useful to my role as a social worker. I can see how motivational interviewing can promote change.”

“Fantastic, loved the two days, I’ve learned lots and look forward to putting it into practice. Fabulous trainer too, thanks.”

“Steve is a very engaging trainer and thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

“This was a great course. The delivery was fun and informative. I learnt a lot of useful tools to use with my clients. Great course.”

“The course was very engaging, really liked SMOG and will avoid in future practice.”

“Very well delivered, I actually enjoyed training for once, I now feel motivated!”

“Brilliant, loved it. Would love Steve as my work buddie. Very engaged, I’ve learnt lots.”

“Loved the energy and enthusiasm.”

“I enjoyed the style and approach of the trainer and his energy.”

“Brilliant, I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much, thank you Steven.”

“Great trainer!”

“Loved it, very enjoyable and engaging, Steven is brill!”

“Very engaging and useful, I learnt various ways to engage with different learners.”

“Engaging, useful, practical.”

“Fab group work.”

“Delivered well… good for the tool kit no doubt.”

“Excellent delivery, activities were relevant and engaging.”