My First Anniversary! (And what a year...)

Greetings and welcome (or welcome back) to Steven Talbot Consultancy and my continuing blog. Today marks a year since I leaped into the great unknown of self-employment. An anniversary I intend to celebrate with you! It has certainly been a roller coaster and a learning curve. I never dreamed that it would be so successful.

I’ve met some truly awe-inspiring people and trained some glorious individuals. People like Sophie and Sam, student social workers who have now launched into the world of social care and are doing fantastic work. Fabulous learners like Selina and Wendy, Debbie and Charles who really made me think and reflect on my training resources.

I’ve created new films with new and existing actors from my brilliant troupe; a resounding cheer goes out to; Christine, Gwyn, Hannah, Jo, Kane, Kate, Maggie, Owen, Ric, Rob, Robbie, Ross, Sam, Sophie et al. We’ve roared with laughter, we’ve worked tirelessly and we’ve told the stories of people I’ve interviewed from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Telford, Wolverhampton, Manchester, London and Shrewsbury.

I’ve worked up and down the country, with many a hotel room to keep me company. At first, I found it all a bit of a chore, the relentless cavalcade of myriad hotels, travelling, organising trains, buses, taxis, packing, unpacking, packing and the WORST THING EVER - dining alone. Now, I sit myself down, grab my book out of my bag and enjoy what the new environment has to offer. I’ve made some lovely new chums too.

Former colleagues have supported me and aided me in securing contracts, spreading the word of my inspiring work (‘hey, it’s what the learners say!’) I appreciate the love, the trust and the continual reinforcement.

Kate and her own blooming business venture, starting me off in a church hall with a cry of, ‘it’s just the beginning Talbot!’

Sharon, who has helped to spread the word, attend my training, make me laugh with the wet wipes and seen the feedback and urged me ever onward. ‘Believe the press Steven.’

Lovely Fee from Wolverhampton (now with Birmingham) who helped me to create a rip-roaring murder mystery event that went down a storm.

Marie from Telford who has been the most amazing enthusiast. I’m forever getting people saying, ‘oh Marie mentioned you…’

To be honest this list is pretty huge; Will, Jonathan, Tracey, Sue, Rachael, Paul, Gregg, Mel, Samantha, Stef, Matt, Gill, the lovely and supremely talented Lyndsey, Lindsay and Kelly Caddy of Helping Angels fame. Jo and Matt from Chelmaren – truly outstanding.

It has been amazing and long may it continue.

I was eager to keep this blog short and here I am diving into another diatribe, needless to write, it has been a wonderful twelve months and I’m pretty sure 2019 will be even more fulfilling. After all, I have a novel and a ‘support worker’ book to complete, oh yes! Did I spend that advance already…? Hot damn. Happy Anniversary folks.