Exciting Times at Shropshire Council - Inspiring Change

A huge thank you to the team from Havenbrook at Shropshire Council. This week I had the distinct pleasure of spending my time with some truly wonderful people, empathic, empowered, funny, passionate about their relationship with young people and truly exciting. The Inspiring Change course can be a real challenge for people, especially if they have firmly held beliefs of how things ‘should be done.’ It’s always lovely to meet some people who embrace change and try, try, try every element of the course. I really hope that the Adam, Caron, Craig, Guy, Jamie, Jo, Kath, Steve and the birthday boy; Tom persevere and continue to offer excellent support to children in Shropshire.

Here is a small example of the 100% unanimous, positive feedback:

“Very well put across and very friendly and broke down the training into easily understanding chunks with a good sense of humour.”

“I hoped to learn a better way of supporting young people and this was met. I feel the course will help me in developing my relationship with young people. The Different technique discussed can be a way of highlighting issues. It has shown me different ways of using language and questions when I need to be listening to young people.”

“The whole course was excellent.”

“Stopping and thinking on my communication when speaking to the young people, reflecting and not questioning them or offering them advice. I really want the young people to think for themselves and this course was positive in helping me to do that.”

“I was unsure but this course has exceeded expectations. Certainly, opened my eyes to how simply changes can make such a difference. Interested to learn more and thought the tutor did very well considering the staff had lot to deal with while training.”

“I had no expectations going in but found the subject engaging due to the enthusiasm and brilliance of the trainer, Steven Talbot.”

“Very well presented, a great teacher.”

“Lots of knowledge on how to listen to young people, and hearing them open up to you so that they will then engage with you and have a deeper conversation.”

I will be returning in a few weeks and hopefully it will be onward, ever onward and even more exciting times.