Embracing the Changes with Chelmaren

I’ve recently completed the third day of training with the staff from Chelmaren, a Shropshire Council-run children’s home. It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience, especially seeing how committed the staff are, especially in relation to safeguarding, inspiring the young people and engaging with them in all manner of extra-curricular actives.

From Alan sharing his love of boxing with the young people and thus the skills and attributes that come with learning to box, 'roll with those punches,' to Chloe’s all-singing, all-dancing approach to interaction. She’s Chalmaren’s very own Disney Princess don’t you know. Lest we forget the hard working, quick witted and inspiring Ash, wonderful Sue the scientist, caring Kirstie, Adam and the impending twins, Jayne and her love of Robbie Williams. Hilarious Hervin and his helicopter, Callum (recovering I hope) who made me laugh so much. The wondrously talented Nikki and lest we forget the management skills and leadership of Jo and Matt.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the learners, who have educated me, and allowed me into their world, sharing tales, anecdotes and working practices that have supported young people into an independent future. In these ever changing times of budget cuts and councils having to do more with less, it was amazing to see such a motivated and empowering group of learners.

Ofsted have seen for themselves the splendid work that is happening in Shrewsbury, here’s a quote from their last report: “The children’s home provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the home contribute to significantly improved outcomes for children and young people who need help, protection and care.”

It would be wonderful if the people I met in Shropshire led the way and were the template for

residential care and support. I cannot rate them highly enough. Wonderful stuff. Thank you for having me.

Feedback ranged from:

“Thanks for a great three days Steven, you’ve made a massive difference to how I work with the young people.”

“I hoped to gain further ideas and skills on how to work with the young people. My learning needs were met, thanks! 😊”

“Yes, very good, excellent! Thanks, I look forward to putting into practice what you have taught us. The communication tasks and the DESC theory will really help me, especially with report writing and recording behaviour. Thank you, when is our next training with Steven!???”

“I’ve found the course really useful and as discussed with the team, I’m already putting what you taught me into practice. Many thanks.”

“What did I hope to gain from the training? How best to use my reflective practice and communication with young people to secure better support and outcomes for young people and their families. My learning needs were met, having sensible acronyms helps! This needs to be compulsory training for all residential care workers.”

“Thorough engaging facilitator which helps a lot.”

“Steven Talbot is so knowledgeable, thank you.”

“Another great course from Steve, ten out of ten.”