Inspiring Change with Telford and Wrekin Council

Greetings one and all, normal ‘blogging’ has resumed! I’ve recently returned from two day’s training in Telford with some of the most wonderfully talented learners I’ve ever had the fortune of training. I was seriously blown away by the drive, determination and passion which each and every member of the class demonstrated, especially when they were discussing their cases, the issues facing their customers and how they work tirelessly to support people into lifestyle change.

My ‘Inspiring Change’ course has been something of a hit, with my recent inclusion of brand-new films, including ‘Colin’ and the trails of tribulations of life with his Mum and his rather harassed and unsupportive support worker, Pearl. It was lovely to have a class who appreciated the hard work that goes into creating the training resources, with several members of the class asking me if I could return. Fortunately for them – indeed I am returning.

Onward, ever onward for Steven Talbot Consultancy.

Here are a few excerpts from the learner feedback:

“I really enjoyed the course, from a very motivational trainer!” Di

“I hoped to gain insight and skills for conversing with people at work and with service users. My learning needs were met, the most engaging and interesting training ever!! Thanks Steve.” Emma

“I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the course content. I gained knowledge in a new way of working with people and would highly recommend Steven’s training.” Katie

“My learning needs were fully met, I anticipated I would get insight into motivational Interviewing, and this I did. A refreshing change.”

“This training will help me to engage in adult conversation and sustain a conversation to develop more meaning and context. Thank you.” Greg

“Yes! I have found new ways of working and engaging with service users, by reflecting back at them what they have said and using this to support them to find their own solutions.” Donna

“The most interesting part was how to speak to customers without making assumptions and showing them that I have fully understood them without resorting to sympathy.”

“Very good training and very knowledgeable trainer, all of the skills I learnt can be applied in the work place.” Tara

“This training has been very informative and there has been a lot of discussion and practical work in using the skills and techniques.” Georgia

“I feel like I’ve added to my skills as a practitioner… To integrate MI into my systemic practice. The two ways of working are complimentary.” Abi

“I hoped to learnt some new skills which I definitely have.” Clare


“It was informative, interesting and enjoyable. I now know the skills used in MI. Thanks Steve.” Joanne

“This training has led to me being a more effective person-centred communicator. I learnt a lot about myself and this course helped me listen and think more.”

“I feel like the course has been really useful and I will definitely practice the techniques.” Daniel