Helping Angels - Staffordshire - attend Autism Training

A huge thank you to all the staff from Helping Angels who attended the two days of Autism training. The venue was the (as always) rather brilliant Bridge Centre in Birches Head.

Lovely staff, with lovely ideas, empowering people in Staffordshire and delivering a fantastic service. It's always lovely when staff hover at the end of training to shake my hand and utter the immortal, 'best training ever.' Definitely adds to the 'thank goodness I went freelance' feeling.

More sessions are planned, look our for more news.

Here are the aim and objectives of the course:

Aim: The aim of the session is to equip you with the skills to work effectively with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Objectives: By the end of the session you will have:

1.Described the correct terminology with regard to Autism Spectrum Disorder

2.Explored the paradigm shift in diagnosis

3.Recognised the early developmental signs of ASD

4.Analysed the barriers to communication that some people with ASD experience

5.Discussed self-stimulating-behaviour

6.The benefits of a diagnosis

7.Identified effective communication strategies to support people with ASD

8.Identified the reason and purpose behind some of the behaviours displayed by people with ASD

9.Explained how you will support, encourage and enthuse people with ASD.