Introducing My New Motivational Interviewing (MI) Film: 'Carla'

A huge part of my working life is meeting real people and listening to their stories. Often times those stories can be moving, disturbing, empowering and poignant. The short film attached to this blog was created in collaboration with a young woman who I’ve rechristened ‘Carla.’

We met several times and I saw some of the challenges faced by Carla. I learned a great deal from her and also saw just how successful her life has become because of the support from others and Carla’s ability to self-motivate and embrace change.

A former drama student of mine and a thoroughly wonderful young actor called Lizzie Aspey aided me in bringing Carla’s story to life. A massive thank you to Lizzie, who took a day out of her busy schedule to help me in creating a couple of films.

I’ve recently been commissioned to devise and deliver a whole slew of training programmes and this film has been made specifically for the social care target audience.