'Colin' new short film for Motivational Interviewing training with Voices throughout summer

A huge thank you to my three actors, Rob Caton, Gwyn Hill and Christine Mallaband-Brown for aiding me in creating new training resources for the brand new 'Inspiring Change' course.

Colin is based on the real life story of a customer from Stoke on Trent who found himself battered and bruised from the interaction he had with family, friends and support services. In the first of the short films, you see Colin's day to day life and hear Colin discuss his ambivalence, his reasons to change and the reasons why he felt he had to stay the same.

Learners will be instructed to complete several tasks while watching the short film and will also 'meet' Colin on day two of the training.

It's a great summer, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and it is a great time to create some inspiring resources that help to tell the true to life tales of service users and customers.

Steven Talbot Consultancy inspirational learning and development.