Inspiring Change with Wolverhampton City Council HR / Payroll and Pension team.

It was lovely to spend Wednesday with the HR, Payroll and Pensions team from Wolverhampton City Council. Building on what we learned last week with the managers, I created a bespoke ‘inspiring change’ course and what an inspiring crowd they were. Warm, friendly, team spirited and willing to learn and listen to each other. There’s a reason Wolves has such an excellent reputation. I’ve compiled some of feedback from the learners:

  • Hoped to gain a better understanding of my colleagues and how we react to different people and this we did.

  • Didn’t know what to expect as wasn’t told much information about the day. Team building, got to know my colleagues, it was a real laugh and just what was needed. Interesting, informative, memorable, also found out how to spell embracing! Steven was great, would love another session with him.

  • I wanted to learn about different changes within the organisation and how behaviours can change. It was excellent.

  • To learn about changes in the workplace and working together as one team.

  • The aim of training for me was to make sure that the team and management work in a good way and openly communicate.

  • The trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject.

  • The course was very interesting and inspired me! Very beneficial as we are going through big changes.

  • The course was interesting, and the facilitator was excellent.

  • It helped me understand why people struggle with change and what I can do to support them. The course was enjoyable and went by really quickly.

  • I was not informed what the course was about however I left feeling very informed.

  • It was inspirational. Team unity in action! Excellent course.

  • I feel that now the management and team will better learn from each other and this will benefit the whole team.

  • I learned a lot from today, thank you Steve.

  • I did not expect to learn much from the course, but it was informative and got me to complete tasks with colleagues I don’t normally speak to or work closely with.Enjoyable.

  • As to my expectations, I was unsure on what to expect as nobody knew what the training was about. However, I did find the training useful, insightful and easy to understand.

  • My expectations were that we would do some team building games. Instead I really enjoyed the course and will look at participating in more of Steven’s training. I wan to upskill in motivational interviewing and active listening skills.

  • I had no idea what to expect due to lack of communication / info on the course. The trainer was engaging, and the course was informative and refreshing. The best course I have ever attended.

  • I’ve gained further knowledge of self-awareness and will temper my actions. I really enjoyed Stephen’s course.