Another busy week for Steven Talbot Consultancy - Helping Angels and Compulsive Hoarding

This week saw the continuation of my management training programme for Helping Angels – they were mighty impressed with their bespoke films starring the horrendous ‘Kathy’ and her inability to perform her duties in any way, shape or form. A class act from the wondrous young actress, Bella Cain. Next week we unleash the supervision / appraisal training on poor, unsuspecting Kathy… then one more week before the team building murder mystery, ‘The Vanishing of Veronica Vincent.”

I then ventured to Wolverhampton again and delivered their personalised Self-Neglect and Compulsive Hoarding course. We were in a red-hot training room, and my laptop decided it didn’t like the projector, then the speakers refused to work – fellow educators, isn’t it a good idea to arrive early for training and check all of these things. Some folks think I’m insane because I’ll often rock up to the training venue a good two hours early – and this is why! So, the seemingly unflustered Steven delivered the training and no one was aware that an hour earlier I was on mini - meltdown panic.

Feedback (again) was 100% positive and my favourite word ‘inspirational’ got banded around. Always lovely to hear that one. I’ll be returning to Wolverhampton next week to help launch their revamped public health programme. We’re hoping for a rousing day!

And for those of you who like to see the evidence, here is a sample of some of the feedback from the week;

“Very informative and insightful course. I am glad I attended as I think I am now in a position to engage better with people with hoarding tendencies.” Yeukai

“I started the day with little knowledge on hoarding and ended the day with detailed knowledge. Excellent day, well-paced and enjoyable training.” Catherine

Very engaging delivery, excellent knowledge base and links between theories and models of practice in social care.” Sara

“Really interesting techniques and wonderful films, starring real people. Thank you, Steven.” Claire

“Very good course, with an excellent tutor who kept us engaged throughout.” Helen

“Very enjoyable course. It opens your eyes on different approaches, the teacher (Steve) kept the group alert and interested.” Bev

“Enjoyable course, informative, encouraging and engaging, I learnt different approaches to supporting someone who is compulsively hoarding.” Wendy

“Well delivered, I’d like to know more about motivational interviewing.” Jane

“Excellent, informative and enjoyable.” Sandra

“Very engaging.” Atlanta

“Excellent training, made it interesting and gave so much advice and knowledge which I can use in everyday activities with customers. I will look out for further training, thank you.” Helen