Self-Neglect and Compulsive Hoarding at Wolverhampton Council

I’ve been delivering the compulsive hoarding course now for a couple of years and as I am sure you are aware, I’ve reflected and updated the activities and the case studies as I’ve gone along. On Tuesday, I delivered the brand-new version of the course, which takes on-board feedback from customers who have overcome their compulsion to hoard. Truly inspiring people who have been helped by workers in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire and now want to spread the message to all, as Hilda said, ‘you CAN change and it IS possible to overcome the compulsion to actively acquire and keep hold of the whole lot. Not everything that you hold dear is actually treasure.’

The staff from Wolverhampton City Council were exceptional.

Feedback from the learners was 100% positive, here is an example of the testimonials I received:

“This course has been really insightful and enjoyable. It was also interactive throughout; the consultant was excellent and made the day.” Ann

“I hoped to gain knowledge on how to work with a person hoarding. The course was exciting, lots of fun with brilliant exercises and group work.” Asha

“I wanted to gain insight to what triggers people and how to support them. The tutor’s knowledge was excellent, funny and entertaining.” Tracey

“Very enjoyable, all of the course was interesting.” Tina

“I wanted to learn more about different types of hoarding and ensure that my approach was customer centred. I really enjoyed the course, the trainer (Steve) was knowledgeable, he also gave me confidence in the work that I am doing with customers and what I am doing is positive.” Sam

“Excellent facilitator. Steven was very engaging, excellent knowledge and resources, thoroughly enjoyed the day.” Laraine.

“Excellent course, excellent trainer, gained great knowledge and understanding and will apply in practice.” Michelle

“Steven was really engaging, and I thoroughly enjoyed the training!” Amy

“Brilliant training!” Nicola

“Enjoyable, engaging and informative. Thank you.” Chloe

“Very interesting day, Steven kept my attention and enthused me, thank you.” Sally

“Excellent interaction and in-depth knowledge and experience. The best course so far!” Pilar

“Enjoyable, engaging, trainer was informative and informed.” Alan