A Hectic, Fun -Packed Week!

Here we are at week commencing the 12th of March 2018. So far, I’ve delivered day one of Helping Angels management training programme, and what fun we had! The impending murder mystery really seemed to whet their appetite. A marvellous group of learners who mentioned just how fast the day flew by. Very encouraging feedback from their chief executive who spoke of my inspiring content and ability to deliver something very different.

Then I had Motivational Interviewing with a truly remarkable group of learners who returned for day two with a spring in their step and that ever so encouraging ‘inspirational’ word on their feedback form. I glow with pride when I see that word.

Voices of Stoke commissioned more training for me and sot it was that Wednesday and Thursday brought two additional sessions.

Compulsive Hoarding – ‘trapped and drowning in my things.’ This course is fast becoming THE most popular course. The minute it’s advertised, the places are full. I received two pieces of feedback today from learners who took part in the session before Christmas. They’ve both taken on-board the training and found that their customers have embraced change! YES! See, it can happen to anyone and everyone. Persevere and encourage.

Today was ‘Working with Substance Misuse’ which includes several films that I made with customers. It was incredibly moving to see learners moved to tears by the words and actions of the customers.

The feedback was 100% positive and enthusiastic:

  • “Very informative and I now feel more confident when faced with these situations (Hoarding), informative, knowledgeable and engaging course.” Cheneise – Learning disabilities

  • “Excellent course. Made me think about things differently. I enjoyed the course very much, very informative and also enjoyable. I have learnt a great deal.” Michelle – Housing

  • “Steven is by far the best trainer I have ever come across, he takes time to listen and encourage you to take part, I was worried about the training and now I’m booking on all of his training. Inspirational.’ Debbie – Social care

  • “I gained more in-depth knowledge into types of hoarding and would feel more comfortable in supporting someone who is hoarding.” Alan – Social care

  • “Lovely pace and approach. Good information provided as well as content and ideas for working with people. Ta!” Ben – Staffs fire and rescue

  • “I feel confident to know how to support my clients with signs of compulsive hoarding.” Anon

  • “Fabulous training and training materials.” Wendy – Probation

  • “Steven’s knowledge is as good as ever!” Karl – Support worker

  • “Good reminder of my MI knowledge and the need for individual to be self-motivated to change.” Anon

  • “Shamazing!” Emily – Support worker

  • “Steven is an excellent trainer and clearly puts a lot of effort into his courses.” Francesca – Support worker

  • “Brilliant course. Loved the course, very well delivered, learned lots, thank you!” Vicki – Domestic abuse worker

  • “Very informative and well presented.” Sue – Support worker

  • “Brilliant facilitator.” Mick – DWP

  • “Yes, I now know about how to deal with it (drug and alcohol misuse) in a better way with my clients. I will not feel as reluctant to approach the customer and know about the issues they are suffering from and going through.” Ange – DWP

A huge thank you to all who attended and thank you for taking time to assess your learning experience with Steven Talbot Consultancy.