Motivational Interviewing - from strength to strength - Telford Feb 2018

Today, I returned from another of my trips to Telford. I have enjoyed two absolutely splendid days with some exceptionally talented and inspiring learners. I do hope that Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Telford Council recognise the quality of their staff and the real difference they are making to the lives of customers / service users in the Midlands.

A huge thank you to, Arjinder, Rachel C, Mandy, Rachel H, Nicola, Lucy (hope the cold clears up), Tina, Uwa, Lorraine (keep drawing), Amy, Andy (thanks for the lift) and Shirley (she of the tremendous hair). Feedback from the learners was excellent, with all of the attendees rating the training and learning as FIVE out of FIVE. This always makes me happy, and proud in the knowledge that people appreciate the research and teaching aids that I put into all of my training.

I will continue to train the teams until March 2018 and I’m pretty sure I will be blown away by the calibre of staff. Exciting times ahead.

“Yes, my expectations have been fulfilled, in fact exceeded, as I have gained a wealth of knowledge and now need to put it into practice to improve my skills.”

“Fantastic course, I can see how it could really benefit me in my professional and personal life. The trainer (steven) really made the course. The interactive nature really kept my interest, the time just flew by, thank you Steven!”

“Course content exceeded my expectations. Very thorough approach, interactive and thought provoking.”

“Really useful training. Well presented and very entertaining, this will stick. Thank you.”

“Very good, informative, interactive and engaging.”

“Excellent, multiple learners’ styles met. Nothing could be improved, thoroughly enjoyed the course, very motivational.”

“I thought the course was presented really well, a good use of resources was used throughout, very helpful training.”

“Very interesting and interactive training.”

“I had some knowledge of motivational interviewing from my social work course, this has provided me with further skills that I will use in my everyday work, great training, very informative.”