Motivational Interviewing at Telford 2018

A wonderfully creative group of learners arrived for Motivational Interviewing (MI) training this week. Superb, engaging, inspiring learners who grasped the subject right from the get-go. Huge thanks to Telford for welcoming me on my journey. This is just the beginning, and if you are wondering what the play-doh means - well, you'll have to book on the training.

Feedback ranged from:

"I hoped to build on the teaching I had already received during my course, I felt that the way that the course was delivered gave practical, real life examples and improved my understanding of MI. Steven is really approachable, knowledgeable trainer and this made the two days interesting." Kistianne

"I hoped to develop my confidence in using MI in practice... The course (sic) definitely met my learning needs, the practical activities really cemented my understanding. Steven's own examples and films made the training both fun and applicable. I have learnt a lot over the two days and I am looking forward to applying MI in practice - TOMORROW!" Sophie


"Built on prior teaching on MI, enabled me to see how this could be used with resistant service users - how to have a purposeful conversation without using lots of questions. Great use of case studies and interactive learning, Thank you!' Ellie

"Steven is an inspirational trainer and it has been an excellent learning experience, that has been very beneficial for my professional development. I hoped the course would help develop my understanding of motivational interviewing and my learning needs were exceeded on this highly practical and informative course." Sam

Thank you one and all. The adventure continues!