Day One of 'Volunteering in Partnership' Training Launched Today

Today was day one of the training programme I created for the Volunteering in Partnership programme, based at All Saint's Church Hall, Stoke on Trent. Today we addressed subjects, such as:

- respect and inclusion

- personal responsibility

- values

- remaining safe

- safeguarding and

- pro-social behaviour

It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday, with all of the delegates stated that they thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of the training. There were plenty of laughs, lighthearted 'heated debates' and thoughtful discussion. I even managed to gain a couple of actors; Helena and Robbie, who will soon be starring in my next short film, 'Back off, it's just banter.'

At break time, I ventured to the kitchen as two of the learners (unaware that I was behind them) said, 'Oh I've really enjoyed it today, I thought it'd be boring!' The other replied, 'he actually makes training fun! He inspires me!' Such a shame that some trainers struggle to inject humour into the learning. I think FUN and engaging with all types of learners is integral to the learning and development experience. People remember having fun! A truly stimulating group of people, who work tirelessly to improve their communities.

They will be seeing plenty more of me and hopefully enjoying more of my inspirational training.