"Outstanding Training" ground breaking murder mystery away day for licensing team

Today, I delivered 'Peril at Public Protection' a bespoke murder mystery. A fantastic team building activity that inspired, informed and educated the troops. I was asked to make it fun, fully interactive and reflective of their work practices and the challenges they face from within the team and with the public. Whoever thought a murder mystery could rally the troops and boost morale? I did!

Feedback ranged from, 'Excellent fun' to 'a totally brilliant day, enjoyable, informative and eye opening.' One learner wrote, 'extraordinary, HOW much work do you put into these things? Fantastic training!' 100% unanimous positive feedback.

I'll leave you with Claire's feedback, 'Could this course be improved? No! Steven is an excellent trainer as I have learned from all of his previous courses I've attended. He was brilliant, he keeps you engaged from beginning to end. Really enjoyable and more importantly I will remember it. Thank you.'

Steven Talbot Consultancy - onward and upward.